Administration & Support Services

Like every great organization, we have a terrific support team of people who help make our programs and services as strong as possible for the children. Here are our support service superstars.

Providence and the Board

Rhonda Conway, President & CEO

Registration, Programs & Services

Margaret Jokuty, Vice President

Debra Busic, Intake and Special Projects Manager

Marlene Knopf, Program Manager-Windsor Park location

Benjamin Ryder, Administrative Program Coordinator

Coralie Carlson, Program Manager-all satellite locations

Community Services

Brenda McInnis, Vice President, Community Services
Danielle Riddel, Administrative Program Coordinator, Community Services
Carolyn Deegan, B.A., M.A., LEARN Program Manager
Dorota Kyriacou, B.Sc., M.A., LEARN Program Manager
Lindsey Hollinger, Supported Child Care Early Education Specialist
Danielle Switalsky, Supported Child Care Early Education Specialist
Jennifer MacKay, Supported Child Care Early Education Specialist

Resource Development

Maureen O’Connor, CFRE Director, Resource Development and Community Relations
Diane DeHekker
Sandi Jarett


Bob McMinis

Human Resources

Diane Pan

Front Office

Cara Schnellback, Office Manager
Tracy Megaw, Reception/Secretary


Ryan Kelly
Trevor Thibodeau

Dietary & Food Services

Brad Vermeulen, Food Service Manager
Rene Hill-Vergara