IPP Meetings

IPP meetings will be held January 26 – January 27th.  Please contact your child’s teacher if you have not yet scheduled an appointment time.

Thank You Arcis Seismic Solutions

  Thanks to Arcis Seismic Solutions who joined the children and staff at the McKenzie Towne School to present a cheque for $20,000.  Brad Torry, President and CEO believes that every child deserves the best opportunity to succeed in life, and the efforts of Providence’s Early Intervention programs are paramount to providing this to the children.  Arcis has been supporting Providence for […]

Top 5 Tips to Help Your Child Speak More Clearly

Don’t always have the child correct the sound they mispronounced.  Instead, repeat the word making the sound they mispronounced louder and longer than the others in the word. Read books with the target sound in them (e.g. Good night moon for  the “g” sound). Read books and change the names of the characters to include […]