Our outstanding volunteers



Darryl is one of our outstanding volunteers, who has been with Providence for over 18 years. He is responsible for making sure the Windsor Park school toys are cleaned and organized. He is also handy at cleaning and sweeping the playground yard when needed. When asked what is his favorite part about volunteering, he mentioned that he loves seeing and saying hi to the children. Darryl also has a passion for collecting comic books and he knows the words to every Elvis Presley song. We appreciate all his hard work.

We asked staff about Darryl and his volunteering and they all said he was a huge help. They truly enjoy having him be a part of the Providence team because he is always upbeat, friendly and smiling. Darryl cannot greet someone without a big smile and a compliment.

A big thank you to Olive Holgate for all the years she has volunteered at the front office. Not only has she been a delight to be around but she goes above and beyond to help out the ladies in the front office. Olive is always happy to help the fund development team and she supports our events with items for the silent auctions. We appreciate her years of dedication to Providence.

Cara has been a huge addition to the fundraising team. She always has a smile and is eager to make a difference no matter what we ask of her.

Ashley is another wonderful asset to our Providence team. She has been volunteering and job shadowing our speech language pathologist and physiotherapist on a weekly basis. Ashley is very creative and eager to learn.

The staff at our Hawkwood School greatly appreciated our practicum students Ian & Diana. Both Ian and Diana were great assets to the Teams and Providence environment. They enjoyed working with the children so much, that they have decided to be regular volunteers. Thank you for all your patience and time you give the children.

We would like to say a special thank you to all the wonderful supportive parents, and friends who have volunteered through out the year. We could not be who we are without all your help.