Parent-Teacher Interviews and Heartstrings

Thank you to all our parents for the fabulous turnout during parent/teacher interviews. The teachers are thrilled with how far the children have progressed since the start of school. These interviews are the best opportunity to learn about your child’s progress, and are an important step in creating positive home/school communication.

The Heartstrings Parenting Group has wrapped up at our Windsor Park school location. Thank you to all the staff and parents who participated. The Heartstrings group is a weekly group for parents and children. The parent’s group focuses on parents learning about child development, developing skills to support their child’s social and emotional growth, and learning strategies to help when children have behavioural challenges. The children’s group focuses on children learning social-emotional skills based on their development, including sharing and turn-taking, labelling emotions, and coping with “big feelings.” Heartstrings has been offered at Providence for the past 3 years.