Thank you, Christine!

Christine will retire from Providence on Thursday after nearly 17 years of fundraising for Providence.

She has always been focused on the children. They have always been her motivation. And for them, Christine helped to build the resource development department at Providence. She was there for every first; from one school to six; from 250 kids to well over 1500.

Christine could always sell Providence as, she has always fully understood the importance of Providence in the lives of the children and their families. And she eloquently told their stories to all that would listen.

Second to the children and families, Christine had a deep and sincere affection and dedication to her donors. She knew their importance to Providence and she believed in their importance as individuals. She appreciated and respected each and every one.

Finally, Christine respected and admired our staff so much. She believed they work miracles with the kids every day.

Providence will miss Christine, every day.