Winter activities to build gross motor skills

Winter is upon us, which can often mean that families become less active and spend less time outdoors. It is essential for your child’s gross motor development (and your sanity!) that physical activity continues to be apart of a daily routine. Here are some fun ways to get moving- both outdoors and indoors. Have a fun and active winter!

Outdoor Activities

Snow shoveling- works on upper body and trunk strength, as well as a great cardiovascular workout

Skating- works on balance, bilateral coordination, and lower body strength

Build a snowman- This is a great overall workout, targeting upper and lower body, as well as core. Build in speech and OT concepts by talking about body parts, and adding clothes like scarves and gloves.

Sledding- Walking up the hill is a great way to build leg strength and endurance, and having your child pull another child in a sled is a great way to build upper body and core strength. Check out the City of Calgary website for a list of popular hills around the city.

Indoor Options- for those -30˚ days!